Everything you don’t know, Everything they didn’t teach you and Everything you are afraid to ask will be set on the table through this conference. Come with questions and go back with Freedom…

      • Can I overcome my painful past?
      • Can God restore my virginity?
      • Can I be free from the effects of child abuse?
      • Can I defeat rejection?
      • Can I overcome a breakup and fall in love again?
      • Will my past relationships affect my marriage?
      • How do I choose my life partner?
      • How can I know whether the one I have chosen is the right one for me?
      • Can I marry an unbeliever?
      • Arranged marriage or Love marriage?
      • Are fights normal in a relationship?
      • I have committed sexual sins, will God forgive me and set me free?
      • How to have healthy friendships with the opposite sex?
      • What is God’s design for Love, Sex and Marriage?

If you are from another city but want to attend this conference, we can help you in finding accommodation near the venue at the quality of your choice. Please register and contact us for help.

We are charging a registration fee of rupees 250/- for the conference.

P.S:- The fee is for your Lunch, tea, and hall charges. The Man of God and the Word of God come for free but there are other expenses :P.

If you need any help, please drop a mail at “”, we would be glad to help you out.

Kenneth Justin & Team,

The Den of Revolution Church,

Adyar, Chennai.